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Dive deep into the core of digestion with our latest podcast episode, "The Digestive Dynamo - Let's Talk Stomach Power." Join our expert host, Naturopath, Herbalist, and Nutritionist Greg Newson, as he unravels the mysteries of one of our body’s most crucial organs – the stomach. Discover the intricate processes behind how your stomach breaks down food, its critical role in overall health and what happens when things go wrong. We’ll also discuss common signs of poor stomach function and explore lifestyle factors that can impair its efficiency. Most importantly, Greg will share his insights on beneficial herbs and nutrients that enhance stomach function and contribute to digestive wellness. Whether you’re a health enthusiast or just curious about how your body works, this episode is packed with enlightening information to help you better understand and appreciate your digestive system. Tune in now to transform your knowledge and possibly your health!

Quick Episode Summary

  • 1:06 The Stomach's Symphony: How The Digestive Engine Humms!
    Delve into the mechanics of the stomach and discover how this vital organ orchestrates the breakdown of food into energy.
  • 3:17 Trouble in Tummy Town: When Your Stomach's Off Beat
    Learn to identify the tell-tale signs and symptoms that suggest the stomach might be singing out of tune.
  • 13:20 Digestive Distress: Unlocking the Causes of Stomach Upsets
    Explore the common culprits behind poor stomach function—from dietary missteps to hidden health hurdles.
  • 18:41 Rekindling The Stomach's Fire: Restoring Digestive Harmony
    Gain valuable insights on revitalising the stomach's function naturally with practical tips and herbal wisdom.;

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Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast for free wherever you're listening!


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